Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer is now here. We've weathered the first storm of Swin Flu, some better than others. But we're almost certain to be hit again this fall. So, now is the time to take precautions. Don't forget you can log on to the link to the right of this article, it will give you so much information. One thing you can do, and I would do it now, and that would be to stock up on a few bottles of hand sanitizer for home, school, and work. If your work doesn't currently have hand sanitizer placed all over the place, encourage them to do so. This is probably one of the best ways to help the fight against all types of flu. I would also take a trip down to the local store a pick up a few or maybe several masks. Of course I'm talking about the kind that one would wear while painting or cutting grass, that sort of thing, or maybe even the surgical type doctors and nurses wear. You might be surprised how hard it will be to find them this fall when the flu hits us again. I'm talking all kinds of flu. Take the calm we now have and get prepared for the fall and winter. And another thing, let's watch out for lightning. It is the most often weather related cause of death in Utah during the warmer months. Here is some related information: Lightning can strike as far away as 10 miles from any rainfall. You are in danger from lightning if you can hear thunder. Avoid running for cover under a tree. If you can't find safe shelter, look for a low lying place if at all possible. Don't lean against vehicles. Avoid metals, to include bleachers or benches. Keep an eye on the sky, it can tell you a lot. Well, there are a few more tips you can use. That's all for now, have a safe summer and keep in touch.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I attended a Health Dept. briefing today on Swine Flu. The theme today basically was, don't panic! At this time there have been very few cases of Swine Flu reported across the United States. As of this posting, Utah has no reported cases, however, that may change when the results come back on the handfull of suspected cases sent to the State Lab. For much more information nationally go to the link I have provided on Swine Flu and click on it. One last thing, Weber County has a new AM radio station 1350. It started broadcasting this week. It is not a commercial station. It is still somewhat primitive but as time goes on it should sound better and be increasingly more informative. Turn it up loud and listen very carefully.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's been some time since my last update. Things have sure been happening lately. By now I'm sure most have listened to the news or read the papers about the Flu emergency we are having. I hope it isn't as serious as things appear. At this writing, there have been several states that have confirmed the new strain of flu. Utah is waiting word to see if the one reported so far here is actually the flu. I've added a new link from the State you can click on and read what the State and the CDC is saying. I participated in a Fireside the other night where we had a guest speaker come and talk about Emergency Preparedness along with food storage. Very enlightening. Although I feel I'm pretty prepared, I did go out and purchase a few more things that give me more peace of mind. I guess the things that stick out in my mind are things like, having plenty of clean water available to drink, store food that you eat on a regular basis, ensure you have means to prepare hot meals if your gas or electricity is disrupted. Things like your camping stoves, grills and woodburning stoves are great backups. The list goes on and on. My advice, if I may, is to not put it off any longer. Prepare yourself then prepare your family and then help your friends. I will continue to add links when I find them, and hopefully they will be of value to you. A couple more things before I close. You might want to check out this web site to perhaps assist in purchasing emergency preparedness supplies. www.emergencydisasterprep.com Please know I have not purchased anything from this site up to this point, so I can't verify anything on it, but it should be worth your time to check it out. Macey's has some good products as well. Of course Smith and Edwards is always good for whatever you need. Also check out www.timwoolf.com I'm not endorsing anyone in particular, but I just want to give you some ideas of where to go. Stay safe and don't forget to always wash your hands.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Please take the opportunity to look up the links provided and make copies of any material you find there. Or by reading the material, it may lead you to additional links that would be beneficial to you. You can complete the poll if you want, and it may lead to some interesting insights. I will post the results after a month. Also feel free to add comments on things you would like researched. I also plan to do some research around the local area on where the best places are to buy emergency supplies.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hi and welcome to everyone who will take the time to read this blog. First let me say that this blog is independent of any organization, agency or entity and issues discussed herein are entirely at the will of the author/owner of this blog. Having gotten that out of the way, let me continue by saying this blog does however have an important purpose. Times are getting a little rough out there for many. I'm speaking in terms of the economy and jobs and savings and how to balance family issues with limited income or no income at all. A change in plans may be brought about by some kind of emergency. This blog will not necessarily discuss how to solve those problems but will however give advice and information to easy some of the burden and at the same time help you to become more self-reliant. That means you may have to rely on yourself and your family and not so much on others for your well being. This blog's only interest is to make available to you and your friends information that has been found to be helpful and then try to place it on one site for you to access. Like a one stop shop on issues pertaining to emergency preparedness. This blog will also talk about home and personal safety. I will include important and tested links so you can reveiw and download as you see appropriate. My blog will be updated as necessary, but would anticipate at least monthly. Please accept the fact that I am in no way an expert, but have some experience in emergencies and how to deal with them. I hope you will find my efforts worthwhile and beneficial to you.